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I consult with organizations to determine how best to incorporate appropriate and practical exercise training to save and / or raise money and improve the health, wellness, and performance of their personnel or team.


Treatment and service from a team of expert professionals is often the ideal situation for an individual and / or team. I am thrilled with any opportunity to collaborate with passionate health care providers and other professionals to offer the best possible treatment and service. Please contact me if you believe I could assist you, your team, or your patient / client.


Acquiring and sharing good information is something that I value and enjoy. I have many years of experience in speaking, teaching, and instructing on multiple topics of health, fitness, and performance. Please contact me to arrange a speaking engagement or seminar. 


I am a co-founder of The National Fitness Junto (NFJ) and creator of the NFJ Podcast. The NFJ is a club of mutual improvement for health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, therapy, and sports business professionals. Members gather to exchange knowledge and ideas, debate issues, and support and improve all the practices and businesses that the NFJ can influence. Investigating and discussing a wide range of topics to further understanding, promote curiosity, spur creativity and improve standards of practice have been the goal of many the NFJ collaborations.



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