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Patrick is a health and fitness professional with over twelve years of experience. He has worked in a variety of settings including cardiac rehabilitation hospital centers and professional sport and Olympic training facilities. These experiences, coupled with his advanced education and certifications, have qualified Patrick to improve the health and fitness of the diseased and deconditioned and to train the healthy and competitive.

Patrick has also taught for The George Washington University's Department of Exercise Science for more than five years. This experience has honed his teaching ability and improved his effectiveness in empowering his clients to make smart health and fitness decisions. Eventual health and fitness independence is Patrick's goal for all of his clients. He believes that this independence is easier achieved if clients not only know the "what" and "how" but also understand the "why".

While Patrick always values and welcomes opportunities to assist ambitious young athletes to achieve their goals, he has developed a true affinity for helping older adults interested in improving their fitness. Patrick derives great personal satisfaction when adult clients report elimination or management of pain, improved function, and unprecedented levels of fitness and performance.

Patrick’s unique expertise comes from his experience working with populations at either extreme of ability. This expertise allows him to safely prescribe training methods that most drastically improve the lives of his adult clientele. This ability is especially pronounced when Patrick has worked with osteopenic and osteoporotic clients, assisting in improving their bone density significantly within months. With thorough evaluations, smart program design and attentive coaching, Patrick has helped clients quickly and safely improve this and many other metrics of health.

Patrick has also “walked the walk”. A successful high school athletic career allowed Patrick to play football through the collegiate level. These 10 + years of football taught him the importance of the preparation necessary for success. It also took a toll on Patrick’s body; the accumulation of multiple injuries forced him to learn to address pain while remaining fit and active.

These experiences made Patrick an especially empathic coach to his clients interested in training themselves out of or around pain. Because Patrick has worked with those suffering from various musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and neurological limitations he appreciates and believes in open communication and collaboration with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and other health care professionals. Working as a team is a safe, efficient and effective way to improve the lives of clients.

Patrick takes his responsibilities very seriously, recognizing that when people hire him, they are entrusting him with their health and wellness. Because of this, Patrick is regarded amongst his peers to be one of the most attentive, curious, and passionate trainers and coaches. Patrick takes pride in his innate desire to avidly pursue any knowledge or practice that could potentially improve the health, performance and lives of his clients.



Bachelor of Science
Clinical Exercise Science,
Ithaca College

Master of Science
Strength and Conditioning,
The George Washington University


Certified Exercise Physiologist
American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
National Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Sports Performance Coach
USA Weightlifting