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Evaluation & Consultation

All clients receive an initial evaluation. This evaluation clarifies one's current state of health, fitness, and potential for optimal performance and identifes specific characteristics that may influence the design and implementation of the training program. All of this information, coupled with a discussion of goals and expectations, allows an exercise prescription to be determined. The subsequent consultation provides recommendations on how to most appropriately begin an exercise program or modify and refine an existing one.

Program Design

As humans, we share many of the same qualities. However, we all possess specific traits and characteristics that make each of us a unique individual. This is one of the primary reasons for the desirability of individualization; especially when it comes to exercise. If adhered to, individualized training programs result in measurable improvements to one's health, fitness, and performance while respecting one's unique characteristics, needs and goals.

One on One Session Training

The value of one-on-one training is in the supervision and undivided attention that an expert coach provides. An expert coach can help troubleshoot any abnormal training response and determine the seriousness of the occasional discomfort that may be associated with exercise and training. Also, with thorough one-on-one coaching, one will become better educated on the principles behind good exercise habits, technique, and learn how and when to progress, regress or modify. 

One on One Premium Training

One-on-one premium training is one of the best exercise and training services available.  It offers the opportunity to work with an expert coach as often as necessary to most efficiently achieve goals at a lower session rate than one-on-one training sessions. It is the best option for a fitness enthusiast who wants to reach their highest level of health and fitness or an athlete looking to maximize their athleticism and performance.

Distance Coaching

If proximity doesn't permit in person coaching or one is confident in training without supervision, I can provide an exercise program that one can execute on their own. After an evaluation, I will design the program and explain the details of how to safely and effectively execute the program. Distance coaching utilizes any means necessary. These means include but are not limited to phone calls, emails, and video demonstrations.