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Patrick Rahm


With more than twelve years in the health, fitness and performance field, I’ve accumulated a significant amount education and experience; enough to contribute to a discussion on the topic of health and fitness. Hence, one of the reasons I am beginning this blog. But there’s more to these writings than just that. Read on and I'll identify specific reasons and speculate on what you may find useful in my writings.

In all honesty, these writings are meant to address a weakness in my business as a health, fitness and performance professional. During my career of training the general population and athletes, I’ve never spent significant time and / or money on marketing and self promotion. I’ve always believed that if I just did good work, business would come. Thankfully, that did and does continue to work. 

However, like most people with a business, I want it to grow. I’ve been told that if you’re in business for yourself, there shouldn’t be a void when someone searches your name on the Internet. Given the apparent popularity of the Internet, this made sense. So, I’d say the primary reasons for these writings are:

  1. Help my current clients to better understand the concepts I teach.
  2. To introduce myself (virtually) to anyone that I may have the privilege to assist. 
  3. Fill that void.

In speculating on potential content, consider what you won't find in this blog. I don’t anticipate myself often introducing new and innovative exercises. I also won’t delve deeply into the issue of nutrition… especially not on the level of, “eat this… but not that.” Mostly because there are plenty of talented and creative coaches, trainers, and nutritionist already doing this well. 

You also won’t find many strong statements of conviction. I know this can be frustrating for those seeking absolute pronouncements in which they can act upon, but I find that it’s a rare occasion when one can speak with a large degree of certainty… about most things but especially on topics of health and fitness. I hope that notion will be a recurring theme and message in these posts.

Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position but certainty is an absurd one.
— Voltaire

So what may you find in my writings? Given the business-building purpose mentioned above, you might expect me to sell you on my new, super secret, cutting edge, muscle building, fat burning, life defining training system. I do not have one of those. However,  I have something more valuable to offer: knowledge, guidance, and perspective. I’ll elaborate on what I specifically intend with each of these in a later post.

I don’t claim to have ALL the answers on questions of health, fitness, and performance. What I do have is a desire to share great information and a curiosity to find more. One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned from all my education is this: Don't expect to know it all. Instead, try to be great at identifying what is good information, determining if and how it can best be applied, and know where you can go to find more.

I plan on being one of those sources of good information. If I don’t sufficiently understand, I’ll try my best to find an answer or refer you to someone, somewhere, or something that does. If there is insufficient good information, I'll let you know and may offer my honest, educated opinion. Or, in some cases, the most honest answer will be…"no-one really knows".